Do you remember your childhood? What used to be your favourite kind of outfit at that time? What crossed your mind? Did I hear “SKIRT”? Yes, since then and till now skirt used to be the favourite outfit among us and let me tell you it never went out of fashion. Even I would say it has got evolution. Now a days it has so many different styles, being made out of so many different material and is being tied up in many different kind of tops. Let us check it out!


These skirts are slightly touching hips and thighs, broader at the hem, narrow at the top and a bit wider at the bottom make it look like the letter “A”. This is the most common type of skirt that is being worn.  Well it is made of different kind of material such as cotton, velvet, powder crepe, satin, Georgette, rayon, silk, raw silk and so on. Now a days fusion is in so skirt is being worn with tunics, crop tops, off shoulder tops, tees sometimes with long kurtis, shirts or jackets as well.


 Sandeep Khosla In A line skirt



These kinds of skirts are with narrow pleats. It can be a circle skirt with pressed-in ridges or edge-stitching. This skirts are made of light weighted and wavy kind of material such as organza, Georgette but odds are always there it is sometimes can be made of cotton too. Now a days shirt with accordion skirt are in trend. Shirt can be of different types such as long shirts with long sleeves, high and low shirts, casual shirts and not only shirts but t-shirts, short tops, sleeveless tops with jackets or long/short shrugs are also in.

Shilpa Shetty in accordian skirt




As per the name this skirt is made in a circular shape. It is very fitting at the dress hips and usually made of light weight fabric. It can be made in different length such as short (above knee area), midi (at knee area), long (below the knee area). Various kinds of tops such as crop tops, sleeveless, off-shoulder etc can be worn with this.

        Aditi Rao Hydri in Circle Skirt



Skirt with one or more pleats that face one direction is known as knife pleated skirt. It is also known as box pleated skirts. It too can be in different lengths and is being worn with crop tops, shirts, off-shoulder top etc.


Anushka Sharma in Knife Pleated Skirt


Skirt with additional fullness pleated, gathered, or draped on one side. It is also called sarong skirt if wrapped. In various parts of India it is known as dhoti style skirt too. Now a days these skirt has influenced the ramp. Normally short tops goes to well with this kind of skirt but as we know the odd element high low tops are in now a days.



Neha Kakkar in Drapped Skirt


These skirts can wrap around the waist and the leg part. It can be fastened by a button or tie. It is a perfect selection of casual wear. It can be made from all the material no some specific material is to be used. It can be wear with crop tops, shirts and jacket and etc. According to the occasion you can make the choice.


Shilpa Shetty in Wrapped Skirt



There are different lengths on this category such as, full, knee length, mini. They usually come as a patch work of bright colours. In Indian wear the term “lahenga” is known. This lahenga is made of such gaspy skirts way. Material can be used in this skirts is silk, raw silk, paper crepe, silk cotton. The material which is heavy in weight and is not much wavy is used over here. Various kind of tops can be worn according to the occasion.


Malaika Arora Khan in Gaspy skirt



This skirt is composed of several superimposed layers of fabric. Now these layers can me of same fabric or it can be of different matching or contrast colours. Which gives extra flare to skirt. Again this can be worn with various kinds of tops.

Tamanna bhatia in Double Layered Skirt




The design is similar to a mermaid’s tail by fitting from waist to knees. It flares out from the knees to the floor. It mostly gives an indo-western look is wearable with body fit tops. Its is made from stretchable material so that it becomes comfortable while wearing.

Neha Kakkar in mermaid skirt



This skirt hugs your body. Its lengthens from the waist to beneath the knees or down to mid-calf. It usually come in stretch materials and is being worn with body fit top. You can also wear jacket over it.

Neha Kakkar in Pencil Skirt



A skirt made up of layers of fabric, usually to create the illusion of curves. It comes with different lengths and is made from different material. It can be wear with tunics, tops, jackets, peplum top etc.

Model in ruffled skirt



I am sure you have made up your mind of buying at least one skirt of every single type or one of your favourite type in different colours and patterns. Let us renovate your wardrobe collection then!





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